Real-time messaging for your team.

Quick and easy communication on the go, across all your devices.

The Fastest Way to Get Connected.

Jive Chime is a messaging app that lets you quickly and securely connect with teammates on the go, to get the answers you need, when you need them.


Not only does Jive Chime allow us to stay in touch wherever we are, it also means that we can collaborate in real-time, ensuring that we consistently deliver for our clients across multiple territories.”

Gideon Joseph CEO of Transatlantic Entertainment

One-to-one and group messaging

Get a quick answer from a teammate, or start a group chat with the whole team. And give titles to your conversations, to easily refer back to them later.

Online status and read-receipts

See when people are online, offline, or away. And get read receipts with each message, so you know who's seeing it, and when.

Cross-platform communication

Jive Chime works on mobile and desktop, so you're not juggling different apps across different devices. One app for the entire team.

Public Chat rooms

See what others are up to and get everyone on the same page. Control whether groups are private or public, and give them titles to make communicating in real-time even more productive.

Have fun with it!

Add an emoji to bring your words to life. Because work should be fun, and even a chat needs a good smile sometimes.

Robust security features

Jive Chime authenticates users based on your company email domain, so you can be sure only employees have access.

Jive Chime is free to use for individuals and companies

Additional features for $2/user/month

Download Now and Start Chiming